Taking Revenge on Cancer



Eliminate brain cancer and enhance quality of life for cancer patients.

Cancer is tough and especially when it is one of the types with very limited treatment options. At LeadInvent Pharma we are dedicated to finding ways to eliminate brain cancer and help patients recover and lead a normal life. Our focus is to rapidly develop our nanotechnology-enabled product from the lab to the clinic. We are certain that localized, targeted, tumor-specific treatment will not only create enhanced cancer therapy but also reduce the side effect burden that patients experience with most current cancer therapies.


OUR Story

“Where the sum is bigger than the parts”

Our story starts are at an unusual time with two of LIP Cofounders Dr. Pradip and Pankaj in 2015. Pankaj had been a life science entrepreneur along with Surojit Bose all his life and Dr. Pradip had spent over 3 decades in Pharma drug discovery. In June 2015, the US east coast was griped amid a very heavy snowstorm and there was a power outage for 3 days. What followed next was a conversation between the two on how nanotechnology can make existing drugs better.

Dr. Pradip had been the industry expert for the nanomedicine task force, Govt. of India. And had interacted with a stellar team of scientists from Amrita Nano Science Centre who had developed a patented nanomedicine with enhanced cancer cell kill properties under laser activation.

LIP team and Amrita nanoscience team agreed to further develop the nanomedicine and ideated with clinical advisers. Among many discussions, one discussion stood out with a leading neuro-oncology surgeon. Where he talked about the surgical challenges of brain cancer and the need for a localized removal of residual brain cancer tissue that escapes surgical resection. That was it! LIP and Amrita team knew exactly what the surgeon needed and crystalized the idea to convert the patented nanomedicine of Amrita into a localized applicable product.

GBGelTM has been an outcome of this vision and a perfect melting point for scientists from photonics, laser technology, nanomedicine, cancer cell biology, and neuro-oncologist all coming together making the sum bigger than the parts.   

Journey so far..

Meet the team

LeadInvent Pharma is founded by a team of scientists, industry veterans, top academic experts and seasoned entrepreneurs collectively bringing over 350 man-year experience in drug development and pharma science. LeadInvent Pharma has a strong scientific advisory board that seamlessly ties in expertise ranging from clinical science to lab research to biopharma translational expertise to regulatory insights.

Dr. Pradip Bhatnagar

Chief Executive Officer

Ex-President Daiichi Sankyo (India), earlier Ranbaxy Drug Discovery acquired by Daiichi Sankyo (Japan).

 A veteran with over 30 years of drug discovery experience across Ranbaxy (India), GSK (US), Nycomed (Norway), SmithKlineBeecham (US).

Pankaj Sharma

Managing Director

Ex-scientist at Supercomputing facility for Computational biology, IIT Delhi. Awarded among 30 most influential entrepreneurs.

Over 20 years of drug discovery experience across cancer, neural disorders and infective disease.

Surojit Bose

Chief Operating Officer

Managed operation and finance at LeadInvent Tech with 20 years of experience in pharma innovation management.

Ex-scientist Supercomputer facility for Computational Biology.Deep operational experience in project management.

Meet the advisors

LeadInvent Pharma advisory board consists of leading experts from the field of science such as nanotechnology, clinical science, cancer biology, hormone therapy and business strategy which includes experts heading global venture finance strategy to expertise in building successful bio ventures. Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and direction for research and plays a key role in guiding and prioritizing LeadInvent Pharma’s investment and go to market strategy.

Mr. Sushil Mehta

Ex- CEO & Advisor Avantor Performance Materials India Ltd. Over 32 years of experience in life sciences industry, with leading global healthcare companies such as Glaxo, Becton Dickinson and Ranbaxy.

Dr. Purvish Parikh

Medical Oncologist & Hematologist. Prev. MD AmeriCares India Foundation. President Indian Society of Medical & Pediatric Oncology. Prev. Head of medical oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Surender Kharbanda

Visiting Faculty at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Over 175 papers. Global expert tumour biology. Successfully advanced multiple anti cancer drugs into clinical studies

Dr. Dilip Panikar

Neurosurgeon at Aster Medcity, Formerly Professor and Head of Department of Neurosurgery, AIMS – Cochin. specialization in neuro-oncology and skull base surgery, functional neurosurgery and craniofacial reconstructive surgery

Dr. Philip L. Smith

Ex. Director of a transnational group GlaxoSmithKline. Ex. General Partner at GSK venture arm S.R One a corporate venture capital fund ($680 million) of GlaxoSmithKline.



“Our fight against cancer is personal”

We know what it feels like to care for some who is fighting cancer. We have faced these challenges among our families, friends, and patients we care for.  We are very aware of the unique opportunity that we have as a team of scientist and entrepreneurs to do something about it. And we are leaving no stones unturned to find novel scientific solutions in our collective fight against this disease.




“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”

  • Stay true to science
  • Enhance patient quality of life