Brain Cancer is a tough disease and at LeadInvent Pharma we are committed to inventing novel methods and techniques to fight this cancer. Our science is an amalgamation of photonics and nanotechnology. One of the key challenges in developing new drugs for Brain Cancer is that it is extremely difficult to deliver complex drug molecules across the blood-brain barrier. And some of the malignant brain cancer cells are resistant to approved chemotherapy and radiation. Our lead product GBGel has been developed to be directly applied onto cancer tissue hence bypassing the need to cross the blood-brain barrier. Moreover, the unique photophysical properties of GBGel nanoparticles ensure that even the chemotherapy and radiation-resistant cancer cells are eliminated with the help of powerful reactive oxygen species (ROS).

GBGel™ overcomes phototoxicity

One of the major challenges in treating patients with light-sensitive drugs (Photo drugs) is that once injected the photo drug rapidly builds up into a patient’s skin requiring patients to remain in dark and semi-dark conditions some times up to 4 weeks.

Current photo drugs are injected and rapidly builds into skin cells making patients sensitive to light

Photo drug in the skin leads to skin phototoxicity which means that the patient would have to avoid direct exposure to light. And would have to spend considerable time in dark and semi-dark conditions.

Localized Brain Application

GBGelTM is designed to be directly applied to brain cancer cells bypassing the blood-brain barrier and reduced systemic exposure.

The brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier which acts as a selective membrane preventing entry of multiple small molecules. And this adds to the challenge of systemically delivering drugs to the brain.

However since GBGelTM is designed to be directly applied to the brain cancer site, GBGelTM does not have to cross the blood-brain barrier and hence has the advantage over conventional drug molecules. 

Mechanism of Action

Reactive Oxygen Species mediated cancer cell kill

GBGelTM is made up of light sensitive nano-particles which respond to laser light stimulation and releases powerful cancer cell killing Reactive Oxygen Species. ROS include peroxides, superoxide, hydroxyl radical, singlet oxygen, and alpha-oxygen. All of them are powerful cell killer.

Impact of GBGel™ on brain cancer cells

GBGelTM kills cancer cells by enhanced ROS production in cancer cells. The following electron microscope images detail out the impact of GBGelTM on rat brain cancer cells in an in-vitro study


Brain cancer cells (Rat) before treatment are seen here as a lump of 3D cell growth under an electron microscope


Brain cancer cells (Rat) post-treatment with GBGelTM get completely destroyed under the ROS stress. Electron microscope image reveals the cell debry

LeadInvent Pharma has achieved the “Proof of Concept” for the efficacy of GBGelTM

As the first step in developing a new treatment modality for humans, LeadInvent Pharma team tested the efficacy of GBGelTM in Wistar Rats. A single application of GBGelTM eliminated implanted autologous brain cancer in rats with no signs of recurrence.

The treatment is well tolerated by animals and no overt signs of toxicity are observed in animals at the pharmacological dose. Indicating the safety profile of GBGelTM and clearing the path to regulatory studies and engagement with FDA to plan ahead for human clinical studies. In all animal experiments, animal welfare guidelines were strictly followed. All experiments were approved by the Animal Ethics Committee and were performed under the supervision of a qualified veterinarian.  

GBGel™ Salient features

  • GBGelTM not only kills Primary GBM cancer cells, but also chemo and radiation-resistant GBM cancer cells.
  • GBGelTM eradicates brain tumour in animals without recurrence.
  • GBGelTM Kills chemo and radiation-resistant human Glioblastoma cells
  • GBGelTM is made from FDA approved components
  • Localized application of GBGelTM minimizes chances of systemic toxicity
  • GBGelTM is patent protected