Enhanced Brain Cancer Surgery

Surgeons during brain cancer surgery walk the tight rope of removing enough tumour without damaging the brain. Because brain cancer cells extend like thin tendrils several centimeters into the surrounding brain tissue, it is always a challenge for doctors to remove the entire tumour. Leadinvent Pharma team is working towards making brain surgery better.

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At LeadInvent we are driven by our commitment to develop treatment for patients who have very limited options. Brain cancer is one such disease where the current treatment methods are not very effective and there is an urgent need for newer ideas to challenge this disease. At LeadInvent Pharma we are working towards creating world’s first of its kind adjuvant therapy to surgery that would allow surgeons to remove tumour tissue that they are not able to remove through conventional surgical method.

Another disease where LeadInvent Pharma is working is called Leukoplakia which is a white or a grey patch that tends to develop on a patients tongue, floor of the mouth or the inside of the cheek.  Leukoplakia treatment is most effective when treated during early stage of its development. In certain patients these white patches tend to become cancerous. The current treatment of Leukoplakia involves either surgical removal of the white patch or cryotherapy to destroy the cancerous cells. LeadInvent Pharma is developing a unique laser guided treatment for this indication. This would allow patients to benefit from a nonsurgical treatment of Leucoplakia.


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